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Create Your Vision
After meditation and journaling, you will create your own beautiful vision board while tapping into the hidden desires you uncovered.

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"The success we derive from any workshop is of course the vibration that the leader brings. Roni McGuire and her luxury workshop environment get an A+ in my book. She lead us in a heart- centered meditation to open the space for exploration of our future self. Roni is supportive, generous, caring and connected. I look forward to seeing my visions come to fruition. I will definitely do this one with Roni again."


"Roni has a knack for bringing people together and inspiring a sense of community! In the virtual vision board workshop I attended, she helped facilitate a safe space full of healing and inspiration. I loved the meditation aspect and it was great to connect with others interested in bettering themselves and creating the dream life they envision for themselves. Thanks, Roni!"

"Roni creates such a sacred space in her vision board workshops which allows for reflection and transformation. Her techniques are purposeful with a beautiful structure and flow. I truly enjoyed myself at Roni’s vision board workshop and know you will too! 

Here’s to making our dreams and intentions a reality! 🙏🏻 "