Includes 6-Live 60 Min

Monthly Virtual Workshops With Roni

(recordings available)

Upcoming Workshop: March 5th, 2024
11am PST/ 2pm EST

P.S. Join us at the next Virtual Vision Board Workshop: 4/18/24 at 11am PST/ 2pm EST for a discount price of $33! Add at checkout.

Your Downloadable Shine On and Glow Manifesting Planner


6-Live 60 Min Monthly Manifesting Zoom Calls With Roni. Recorded if you can't make it. (January - June 2024)

You will learn:

➡️ Manifesting tips

➡️ Aligned goal setting

➡️ How to journal to increase abundance

➡️ Meditations and Affirmations

12 Monthly Themes:

  • Create Your BIG Vision for the year
  • Plan for Work-Life Harmony
  • Step Into Your Leadership In Life and Biz
  • Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest More $
  • A Gratitude Practice That Inspires Action
  • Taking Heart-Centered Action vs. Ego Centered
  • Banish Imposter Syndrome
  • Discover Your "Why" and Amplify Your Manifesting
  • Identify and Squash Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Do You Have the Right Supporters & Expanders?
  • Amplify Your Action - Reframe Negative Thoughts
  • Techniques to Manifest Faster-Plan Your New Year

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